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Truth and Power

The acceptance or rejection of the Sign Gifts is not core theology.

The Body of Christ is divided on multiple levels. The number of denominations and opinions about God’s Word make this obvious. 

Different opinions divide the Body of Christ.

One difference is simple: those who believe the sign gifts outlined in the Bible — speaking in tongues, healing, miracles, and prophecy – are available now, and those who don’t. Usually, those who don’t believe in these supernatural gifts claim that the Bible is all we need to bring people to salvation. And, point out that those who believe these special sign gifts exist can sometimes stray into areas of dubious biblical truth.

The fact is, one can accept or reject these gifts as available today. However, the most important truth about these positions is that they are two parts of the same core Biblical Christian theology.

Where do I stand?

I believe that sign gifts continue to exist. I have experienced a few of those gifts.]. I didn’t come to Jesus until I was in my late twenties and had no Church background or habits. So when I read the Truth in the Bible which said that we would do all of the things that Jesus did, I thought, “Cool, let’s go!”

The closer you come to Jesus, the easier you hear His answers.

As I grew into my relationship with Jesus, I encountered people who were adamant about their stance on these positions which eventually led me to pray to Jesus about this. His answer to my question about which was correct was, “Both. They depend on each other. The Truth of The Power is equal to the Power of The Truth.”

The above photo comes from the Chapel at the church I attend. That balance between the gifts of the Holy Spirit, guided by the Truth of the Scriptures, is a balance I have found to guide me when I encounter the supernatural, whether from a situation I find myself in or when I walk in the Gifts of the Spirit. Both the Truth in the Bible and the Power of The Lord’s Giftings are true, and our relationship with Him and the Holy Spirit depends on us walking in that balance to gain discernment for our destiny in His Kingdom.

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