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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Amsterdam looks to ban red light district sex workers from windows to combat nuisance tourism… Amsterdam’s world-famous red-light district could look very different going forward as the Dutch city prepares to vote on an ordinance that would permanently close brothel window curtains in order to more adequately abide by the #MeToo movement and combat nuisance tourism… The plan, proposed by the liberal D66 party, would mean the brothel curtains stay shut, and instead of sex workers being able to entice potential customers from the window, clients would book appointments using a QR code on their smartphones.” – Fox News

‘Not Mentioning Christ’: Fox Panel Erupts Over Biden Christmas Speech… “Not saying the name of Jesus, when … John Adams actually said, this Constitution is made for a moral and religious people only,” Kara Frederick, a panelist on “Outnumbered” said. “So America has lost its sense of God, it’s Judeo-Christian values, and I think this is just a manifestation, this speech, not mentioning Christ, talking about how divided this nation has been for so long, it’s all part and parcel of the secularization of America, and we need to return to our faith. That’s the only way society is going to work going forward and it’s made us a city on a hill. We need to reclaim that. We need to reclaim our founding principles, period.” – Daily Caller

After 18 months of investigations, the Jan. 6 report is out. Here are the toplines…What are the committee’s main recommendations? (1) Citing the 14th amendment, the committee recommended Trump should be barred from holding federal or state office ever again… (2) The committee also recommends that Congress should make stronger criminal penalties for those who obstruct a peaceful transfer of power,.. (3) And they recommend federal penalties for those who threaten election workers. The committee’s investigation found that many of the people who refused to be pushed into manipulating election results, found themselves subjected to spamming, doxing, harassment, intimidation, and violent threats… (4) The committee subpoenaed several individuals in the process of their investigation, but their authority to enforce those subpoenas is unclear… (5) The committee also recommends more oversight over the Capitol Police.” NPR News

A Ron DeSantis presidency would have dire consequences… DeSantis will continue to sign off on fascist fundamentalist policies in the 2023 legislative session that threaten youth, trans, LGBQ, Black and migrant communities in the name of parental rights, freedom of speech and religious freedom. With that, the need for the Equality Act is more important now than ever before.” LGBTQ Nation

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