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Biblical Post-Christian News for Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

American Families in Crisis – The Washington Stand – “The American Family Is Disintegrating. The Rebuild Needs to Start in Our Own Homes... For the American children who make it out of the womb alive, the outlook isn’t great. Ethics and Public Policy Center fellow Patrick Brown recently posted data from Pew Research Center pointing out the glaring statistic that the U.S. has a higher percentage of kids living in single parent homes (23%) than any other country in the world.”

Anti-Semitism – Mohler The Briefing – “Anti-Semitism is an Ever-Present Danger in Public Life — Conservatives, and Especially Christians, Must Reject It and All Who Support It… Christians must be the first to recognize that when there are statements of antisemitism or any sort of racial supremacy, the entire system of moral credibility simply evaporates. If one hosts such people for dinner, one bears responsibility for having done so, and for the public controversy that ensues, and there is no public or private justification for such an act.”

UK Christians – World – “Less than half of U.K. population now Christian, study says…  the percentage of people in England and Wales claiming to be Christians dropped over the last decade. In 2021, only about 46 percent of people in England and Wales described themselves as Christian—that’s down from slightly less than 60 percent ten years ago.”

Marriage Bill – The Washington Stand – “Mohler Warns on Dems’ Marriage Bill: ‘They’re Coming for Us’… They’re saying, ‘You don’t have a place in this society…’” And 12 Republicans are helping to make this war on believers possible. This is not about wedding ceremonies in a church, Mohler urged. “That’s never been on the table. What they’re going to do is make it very difficult for … a Christian in business or for a Christian institution — like a Christian school, Christian college, or Christian seminary — to hold biblical convictions without the public authorities coming after us.”

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