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Turn Around


Our verse for today comes from John 18:7, “Then He asked them again, ‘Whom are you seeking?’ And they said, ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’”


A criminal was recorded by video surveillance attempting to break into a restaurant during the wee hours of the morning. Once the passing cars were gone, he took a stone and threw it at the glass door several times, but to no avail, and so he left. A few moments later, he returned with another rock and tried to knock out the video camera. He again failed in his endeavor. Undeterred, he threw the rock several more times at the door, but with no success, and again he left the scene. Not to be denied, he came back with a new plan.

This time he took his rock and repeatedly jammed it into the door, finally succeeding in breaking the glass just enough for him to open it. Such determination, in different circumstances, would bring praise and adoration.

Overcoming obstacles and changing one’s tactics are signs of fortitude and perception. But when you are trying to break the law, and for some reason are having trouble succeeding, perhaps a more basic message is meant to be grasped. Perhaps wisdom would have you reconsider your actions and have a change of heart. But when we are bent on doing what we want to do, our receptors are quite dull to the warnings and signs that may be intended for our benefit.


But when God in His mercy grants you pause from your pursuit to perchance reconsider your intent, all of heaven, and the very cross of Christ Himself, is screaming at you to turn back. And in your weakness, if you will hear Jesus asking (again), “Whom are you seeking,” you can find the strength and will to reverse the path you are on and set your gaze and hope back on the Savior. The crowd that came to arrest Jesus was literally blown away by His words and then given another chance to reconsider. But they did not. Their hearts would not accept the offer to give up the hunt. If your heart belongs to the Lord, then you can hear His voice.

And you can give up your desires for His. Do it right now. And if you get a second chance, don’t miss it.


As we seek Him today, let any moments of indecision cause you to turn to the One who has all the right answers, and receive the peace from Him that awaits you.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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