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Wait, Wait ‘Till the Moon is Full

God's timing is perfect.

There are times in life when I tend to get impatient with God. We all experience this. In my case, I have gone through a transition in my business that I describe as a divine intervention. To say that the transition was exciting and terrifying at the same time would be pretty accurate. But it was also comforting to know that Father God was right there with me in that transition.

That was five years ago, and all my dreams of progress and success are on hold. All my expectations of where the Lord was taking me and my business have seemingly been put on pause. But I still have a prevailing sense of peace while wondering what is going on with this delay of progress.

This post is not about my responsibility to make things happen when given an opportunity. I get that and am working on the plan. It’s about waiting. It’s about God’s perfect timing.

This morning, as I was on my prayer walk, this children’s story — a staple bedtime story for all three of my kids — popped into my mind. And I realized that to The Father, we are like the little Raccoon that Margaret Wise Brown so expertly illustrated in the book, “Wait ‘Till the Moon is Full.” I realized that His promises five years ago were still good and that I should rest in His peace as His timing came to fullness. For me to Wait, Wait ‘till your Destiny is Full…

“If you want to go out in the woods,

and see the night

and know an Owl

and how dark is the dark

and see the Moon

and how big is the night

and listen to the Whip Poor Will

and stay up all night

and sleep all day

and see that the Moon isn’t a Rabbit

and what color is the night

and see a bird fall out of his nest

and fly away in the moonlight

and find another little Racoon to play with

Off you go, for…

The Moon is Full

Trust His timing in all things. Rest in His Peace for you and your family. His timing is perfect, and His promises will be forever. Do not fret; eventually, the Moon will be full, and your destiny will be complete.

Salvation – Eternal Life in Less Than 150 Words

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