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We All Have a Weak Spot


Our verse for today comes from Daniel 6:5, ” Then these men said, ‘We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God.’ “


Where is your weak spot? No, not chocolate or Starbucks or late-night ice cream. Where in your life is it most challenging for you right now? Perhaps this week it’s different than it was last week, and it might change again in a few days. But right now, where are you struggling? Is work getting less of you than it should? Has your motivation dropped off as things around you have stagnated or become plain old boring? Is your family getting the short end of the stick? Or maybe they’re getting the same amount of you, but you’re a little sour and discontented. Are you not taking care of yourself like you used to? Maybe you’ve begun to indulge because most everything else around you is frustrating or out of your control. Has your spending gotten away from you? Are you making purchases for frivolous things that mean very little to you, when a short time ago you felt much more responsible with your finances?


I may have missed your weakness, or I may have listed only a few of yours. But Daniel apparently was a rock in so many of these areas. His co-workers described him as faithful and without error or fault. He had risen to the top in his country, and had gotten there through hard work and faithful efforts. So, when his so-called friends had had enough, the only way they thought they could bring him down was regarding his God. They knew that his faithfulness in his work was surpassed only by his faithfulness to his God, and they intended to use that against him. Aha, perhaps Daniel’s strength is the weak spot of your life. Could you, in fact, ever be charged with zealousness towards God? Would it affect you very much if a decree was made that you could not worship or petition the Lord for thirty days? Daniel’s conspirers knew that he would not waver in his devotion. But has your devotion already been wavering? Maybe these past thirty days haven’t been your best. When Daniel heard of the new law, he went home, and he prayed. He probably prayed for God’s strength to sustain him the next four weeks. And maybe that’s just what you need, strength where you’re weak.


As we seek Him today, let your devotion to God sustain you through your other weak spots. Pray that God will make your walk with Him one of your strengths.

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