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We Can Choose to Complain or Rejoice

Thank God for the ability to complain and the choice not to do it. And see if your waking hours are enough to exhaust all you could be thankful for.


Our verse for today comes from 1 Corinthians 10:10, ” Nor complain, as some of them did, and were destroyed by the destroyer. “


Do your evenings ever go like this? One daughter told me that she wanted to change into her night clothes in the closet alone, but her sister went straight in there and wouldn’t come out. Another daughter griped about having to pick up the towel off the floor and put it in the hamper. The youngest fussed about who she wanted and didn’t want to change her diaper. One child begged to not have to rinse her teeth, and another was unhappy about having to turn the lights out without getting extra time to read. These few minutes of child rearing don’t even touch on the comments that come with a dinner that might include the cursed vegetable or a weird-looking meat. And the strange thing is, regardless of how hard I try to remember, I cannot recall ever once sitting down with my kids and teaching them how to complain. I don’t remember honing their voice to have that perfect whiny tone, or making them practice by mentioning the same thing over and over. For not being able to remember to say please or let another go before them, they certainly have mastered the finer art of complaining.


And oddly enough, that skill is perfected in us at a much too early age, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to unlearn and overcome it. But thankfully, we are given the years required to work on it. There was a time when the people griped against their Father and ended up getting destroyed for it. And if that won’t help you guard your tongue, then nothing will. But we don’t think too much about that these days. We go ahead and speak our mind, stir up the pot, and let everyone know we’re not pleased with the way things are going. We don’t have to worry about being destroyed; after all, our God is gracious and merciful. But, are we being destroyed a little at a time? And are we destroying those who have to listen to us? Are we destroying our walk with our Lord? If we are, then perhaps complaining isn’t our best option, and the Israelites’ example serves us well. Maybe, just maybe, our problems aren’t quite as bad as we think.


As we seek Him today, thank God for the ability to complain and the choice not to do it. And see if your waking hours are enough to exhaust all you could be thankful for.

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