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We Live for Christ Today, Not Just in Heaven


Our verse for today comes from Romans 6:1, ” What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?


If you are one who tends to exceed the speed limit, then chances are that you have gotten a speeding ticket. And if so, then you may have gone to court to ask for a Prayer for Judgment, or some other form of leniency from the court, to have the ticket dismissed and your driving record kept clean. If that is the case, and you were granted such mercy, then you have a personal sense of what it feels like to be let off the hook. But let’s say that you are friends with a judge, and you know that whenever you get a speeding ticket, you can go to him and get him to dismiss it. If you took advantage of that privilege once or twice over some length of time, then the effects on the relationship between you and your judge friend would probably be minimal. But if you were in his office every week with a new violation to be erased, something about that relationship would not be quite right. Although you were friends, clearly your respect for the law he upholds and his position as a judge could seriously be questioned. Rather than leeching him for repeated reprieves, wouldn’t more be said in your obedience to the law and refusal to abuse your friendship? Wouldn’t you appreciate him more by showing the highest regard for his position and everything he stood for? Knowing he’s there to help with the occasional, accidental incident is awesome, but isn’t that confidence and assurance strengthened by having the proper mindset whenever you get behind the wheel of your car?


God’s mercy and grace can never be exhausted. But taking it for granted speaks volumes as to the condition of your relationship with Him. Having the proper mindset as you go through your day reflects the relationship you are living out, the relationship that you are nurturing or neglecting. If He’s there just to keep you from losing your license into heaven, then you may not like His decision. He wants His followers to live like they have been changed by His mercy and grace.


As we seek Him today, get your mindset right by placing Jesus on the throne, and commit to honoring Him and His position in everything you do.

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