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We need to be led by the Spirit, not the spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit that needs to guide us and not our own, sinful spirit.

Quick Quote Source – Jeff Hilles

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – Scripture refers to the Holy Spirit as our Counselor or helper. That is the “Spirit” we need to follow. Often, but not always in opposition to the Holy Spirit, is our personal nature, referred to as our spirit. When we are angry, prideful, arrogant, and unloving, when we lie, cheat, steal, and otherwise harm others, we are clearly operating from our own spirit. When we are kind, helpful, caring, loving, and graceful, we might be operating in and through the Holy Spirit. However, the question is, “Do we have the Holy Spirit in our heart”, or are we simply demonstrating another side of our own spirit? To those who reject Christ as their Lord and Savior, the question is irrelevant. However, to those with a Biblical Christian worldview, that is the most important question of our lives.

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