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We Need to Walk and Talk About Our Savior


Our verse for today comes from John 5:9, ” And at once the man was healed, and he took up his bed and walked. “


There is a young boy in our church who broke his leg a couple months ago. As a result, he had to have a cast that reached from his thigh down to his toes, and he could only get around by way of a wheelchair, or by someone carrying him. After many weeks, the doctors assessed his progress and replaced the full-length cast with one that went up just below his knee. At this point he was free to leave the confines of the wheelchair and manage his way the best he could on crutches. And then the big day came. Yesterday, the doctor removed the cast for good, and he was free to walk on his own. Except he wasn’t. That young little leg had gotten even smaller inside those casts, going unused for so many weeks. The running and jumping and playing from morning til night had been replaced by propping his leg up or dragging it along, and so the strength that should be there was not. And to aid in this final step of recovery, the doctor gave him a walking boot to wear, to provide the support he needed as he gradually regained the strength that had been lost. And so, in a couple weeks from now, he’ll really be free to walk on his own. And we all know that his walking will include that familiar running and jumping and playing that comes with all little boys.


Something slightly less dramatic will probably happen for you in the near future. Some sort of burden will be lifted or challenge will be overcome. A situation will be averted or a problem might simply go away. Then you, too, will be free to walk. But where will you walk? What will you do with your experience of relief? How will you explain your turn of good fortune? The paralytic who was healed by Jesus took up his bed and walked, but he clearly didn’t walk to or with his healer. He didn’t even know who He was or where He went. And when the Jews questioned the man as to his healing, he didn’t have much to tell them. But you have awoken this morning, living in the midst of eternity, knowing the risen Savior. That in itself is plenty to walk and talk about.


As we seek Him today, walk the walk, talk the talk, and walk the talk. And let Jesus be there with you for all of it.

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