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We Worship What We Know


Our verse for today comes from John 4:22, ” You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. “


I heard an author and former pastor being interviewed recently, and the interviewer mentioned an analogy he used in his book and asked him to unpack it so that the listener might more fully grasp its meaning. The analogy was of the Rembrandt painting, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee , which was then covered with a black piece of paper. The question was then asked, how much of the painting would one need to see before they could say, ” Rembrandt! Beautiful! ” Would a pinhole be enough? Probably not. And if not, then how many? And his answer was that it’s hard to say. Different places on the canvas would yield more certainty than others. Many holes over certain areas of the painting may reveal large patches of black which would not necessarily point towards it being a Rembrandt. But a few pinholes in other places might immediately lead one to exclaim, ” Rembrandt! ” Additionally, the expertise of the one viewing the painting would need to be considered, as a Rembrandt aficionado would need to see much less of the painting than a novice. And the author’s conclusion was that there are parts of Scripture that are much more quickly illuminating to the glory of God than others. But as one is exposed to that glory more so, their confidence grows such that when they encounter a text in which God’s glory is not as evident, as perhaps might be the case in sections of Job or passages concerning judgment and annihilation, their spiritual inclination is to be patient and seek God to reveal Himself in the passage.


Now, that’s a long way to go to say we need to know who and what we claim to worship. And just as important, we need to know when we are worshipping that which deserves no worship. Attention and importance heaped upon something undeserving only serves to expose the foolishness of the one who had misplaced his passion. Can you truly worship one whom you barely know? You can acknowledge, appreciate and even adore. But is that worthy of the Holy God who created you to worship Him?


As we seek Him today, take a step towards knowing your Savior more, and worship Him with your whole heart.

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