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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Monday Night Football game suspended after player Damar Hamlin collapses on field… The reaction in prayer was immediate and profound. A photo of players and coaches from both teams praying on their knees brought tears to my eyes. Christians from around the league were quick to respond as well. Robert Griffin III tweeted the image of the praying players and wrote, “Please don’t share the video of the Damar Hamlin play. Share this because we are all praying for him and his family.” Star quarterback Josh Allen tweeted: “Please pray for our brother.” Patrick Mahomes tweeted, “Praying hard.. please be okay man.” Tim Tebow added, “Please join me in prayer for Damar Hamlin.” – The Denison Forum

What is the New Apostolic Reformation and is it ‘dangerous’?… Many Pentecostals and Charismatics are concerned about this movement, Pivec said, because these are not historic teachings. “They’re not just promoting the miraculous gifts, they’re actually promoting the offices of apostle and prophet — these authoritative offices that all others are supposed to submit to.” She added that while many people who adhere to these beliefs might not be familiar with the term NAR, if they “believe there are governing, authoritative apostles and prophets today,” they are part of the movement. ” – Christian Post

“This big gay winter festival was the ancient precursor to Christmas It was one of the most elaborate mid-winter parties in human history and was filled with a combination of booze, sex, and gratitude…. It was called Saturnalia, and the church snuffed it out…. It was one of the most elaborate mid-winter parties in human history. Fragrant boughs of fir trees decked the halls, genitalia-shaped cakes accented banquet tables overflowing with food, and rich slave owners – sometimes tarted up in elaborate drag – served their domestics the best cuts of meat while high on a combination of booze, sex, and gratitude. Social norms were paused for a whole week of December, pranks and taboos prioritized, and all workers given PTO.” – LGBTQ Nation

Here Are The States Cracking Down On Child Sex Changes… Seven states took steps to restrict childhood sex change procedures ranging from social transitions to surgeries in 2022 amid growing concern about the procedures’ safety and effectiveness. The gender transition process for minors can include socially transitioning through a new name and pronouns of the opposite sex, as well as through medical interventions like puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and various surgeries, all of which are legal for children in most U.S. states. Several Republican-led states have moved to ban some or all of these procedures for minors, often arguing that, while most adolescents grow out of their gender dysphoria by the time they reach adulthood, these medical interventions are irreversible.” – The Daily Caller

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