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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

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Putin – The Washington Stand – “Putin’s Folly: Identifying as a Defender of Religious Freedom… And now a report, “Russian Attacks on Religious Freedom in Ukraine,” exposes the vicious violence Putin’s military has imposed on believers of all faiths. In the present conflict, it specifies destruction of religious structures: “The largest number of churches, mosques, and synagogues was destroyed in Donetsk region (71), especially in the nearly totally destroyed city of Mariupol. Second in terms of the number of ruined religious buildings is Kyiv region (53), where frantic battles for the capital Kyiv took place.”

Six Week Abortion – Fox News – “ Judge Robert McBurney blocked Georgia’s law outlawing most abortions after six weeks, ruling that it was unconstitutional when it was enacted… The law, passed in 2019, restricts abortions once cardiac activity can be detected by an ultrasound, which is usually around six weeks. It includes exceptions for rape and incest as long as a police report was filed, and allows for later abortions if a pregnant woman’s life is at risk. “

LGBTQ – CBN – “Another TX Megachurch and 58 Louisiana Churches Leave United Methodists Amid LGBTQ Schism… Each of the church’s five U.S. jurisdictions met separately this month to approve measures where “LGBTQIA+ people will be protected, affirmed, and empowered.” Also, the church’s second openly gay bishop was elected. “

Abortion – Huffington Post – “Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Regret His Call For An Abortion Ban… “Everybody who embraced my bill did pretty good,” Graham told HuffPost. “J.D. Vance won [in Ohio], [Sen. Marco] Rubio won [in Florida] — I think America is very much in the camp of restrictions late in the pregnancy.” Graham’s bill would have banned abortion after 15 weeks across the country, undercutting other Republicans who maintained the issue should be left up to individual states. Democratic candidates were able to point to the proposal as evidence of what the GOP would do with a Senate majority.”

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