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What Are You Known For


Our verse for today comes from Haggai 2:11, ” Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Now, ask the priests concerning the law.’ “


Around my house, there are certain people you go to for help depending on what you need. If it’s a computer or electronics question, then my oldest son can usually help. If I need to know where something is, then my wife can take me right to the spot. My second daughter has her finger on the pulse of whatever is going on around the house, so she can usually tell me where everyone is and what they are doing. My second son is the outdoorsman and laborer, so I go to him when I need help fixing something or have a project to do. And it’s much the same where I work, as I would imagine it is where you work. There is a computer guy, someone who knows what all is going on and where everyone and everything is, and someone who is always pitching in to help with whatever needs to get done. And what about at church? Aren’t there people within the body that you can go to and expect to get some of what they’re good at? Some are full of encouragement while others can bake for you anything your sweet tooth desires. Another might always offer to help with something, whereas someone else gives that perfect word of advice right on time.


But what about the darker side of the hallway? Is there someone that you can count on to always have the latest gossip? What about someone who always has a new gripe about the church, or a new twist on an old gripe? Are there people who you know that will nod their heads with you as you share your latest offense from someone else? It’s impossible in a group of more than one person for people not to be offended or upset at some point. Every person you pass by has been and will be bothered by something. But is that what you want to be known for in your group, your family, or your church? Do you desire to be an outlet of positivity, or a repository of negativity? Answering that simple question may seem trite, but does your answer reflect your words and body language and actions? What are people coming to you for?


As we seek Him today, consider what you are adding to or taking away from the spirit of Christ’s body here on earth. Decide whether Jesus really is enough for you.

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