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What Did God Mean When He Said, “I Am Gracious?” And Does His Grace Apply To Us Today?

By far, one of the main description of God’s attributes is that he is gracious, his love is never ending.

The second time the word gracious appears in the Bible, is God Speaking To Moses, where he tells Moses that I am gracious(Exo 22:27).

This is significant, because it is not man saying this about God, it is God himself who says this about himself.

When God says “I am gracious” in the Bible, it means that he is kind and merciful. It’s important to know what his grace is so that we can experience it. He wants us to know this so that we can be free from guilt and shame.

Knowing what his grace is will also help us to be more gracious with others. He says “I am gracious” because he gives his children what they need for their salvation, and personal needs.

What Is God’s Grace?

God’s grace is when he gives us what we need, when we don’t deserve it, he also gives us what we need for our salvation. We may be in a situation where we don’t have the resources to live well or do things that are necessary, however, God is faithful and gracious, and he always stretches forth his hand.

God gives us what we need in his grace. He does this so that we can know how much he loves and cares about us.

This means if you’re struggling financially, if you’re feeling lonely or abandoned, or if you have other needs in your life, God will provide through his grace. He provides them for you because he wants to show you his love and care for you.

How Does God Show His Grace To Us?

God’s grace is all around us. He doesn’t just give us what we need, but he gives us what we don’t even know that we need. God wants to show his grace to us in different ways through the Holy Spirit, by the Word he sent, and through the people in our lives, and by the events of our lives.

The Holy Spirit helps us when we are feeling down or lost. The Holy Spirit tells us what we need to do to be closer to God and how we can help others, and how we can experience his grace if we continue to strive for righteousness.

You might not know you needed a friend or a kind word until the Holy Spirit leads you to someone who will listen and offer encouragement. The Holy Spirit also helps with other things like changing our bad habits and showing the way back to the right path.

God sent his Word throughout the world, so that it can be read by people throughout time. We receive the Word when it comes into contact with our mind and heart, either through reading it ourselves or having someone else read it to us.

When God’s Word was sent into our world, he shewed his grace on others because he has given them something they didn’t know they needed: knowledge of him and himself.

Lastly, God’s Grace can also come from people in our lives who love and care for us unconditionally (like family). They might not always be aware of what we need; however, their presence alone shows that they want the best for us, both physically and spiritually.

How Do We Receive God’s Grace?

We receive God’s grace when we are saved. When we confess our sins and accept Jesus as our Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us. We can’t do anything to earn his grace. It is a free gift from God.

Who Can Receive His Grace?

God’s grace is available to all of his children. We are all guilty of sin, and that separates us from God. His grace will set you free from the guilt and shame that come with our sins.

If you are wondering if you can receive this grace, the answer is yes! All humans are sinful, but God’s grace is available for all.

There are people who have actually used God’s grace to make a difference in their lives. People like Martin Luther King Jr., who led the civil rights movement in America.

To him, God’s grace was everything he needed to accomplish what he did without any concern for himself or his safety because he knew that his life was already set up for something greater than just staying alive.


God’s grace is a gift. It’s a gift that we don’t deserve. It’s a gift that we don’t work for. And yet, because of his great love, he offers it to us freely.

If you would like to receive his free gift of grace, it’s very simple. All you have to do is ask, believe and receive.

He will give it to you and wash away your sin and guilt and shame and leave you with a brand-new life and a beautiful new identity.

God has given all of this to us freely through the death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ. Receive the grace of God and let him change your life.

Guest Author | Nojus Tumenas

Originally published on: Medium


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