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What do Sneakers, Bibles and Politics have in Common?

I am not a Trump fan, but am a conservative, Biblical Christian.

Just the Editor’s opinion…

It’s one thing to be selling golden sneakers for $399 (here) while running for president. It’s another, stratospheric level of audacity to be pandering to cultural Christians by selling KJV Bibles for $60 (here), in the view of some, to help support his (some fair, some unfair) personal legal defense. Trump endorses the Bible by saying its, “The only Bible endorsed by President Trump!” and speaking directly on Truth Social, “I’m proud to endorse and encourage you to get this Bible.” My view, respectfully, is that pride is ironically part of the problem with the endorsement.  

One could not create a better scenario to build a straw man on the threat of Christian Nationalism than merging Trump selling Bibles. The former president thinks his foray into religious commercialism will ingratiate him with Christians. Believers are all now expected believe he must be born-again… for sure. And non-Christians now have a perfect example to point to in locking all Christians together under the banner of our mascot, Trump. 

This can’t help Biblical Christianity. One may choose to vote for the lesser of evils, and God can do anything, with anyone. One positive may be more Bibles put in the hands of seekers. However, this tightening of associations between Trump and Biblical Christians only serves to do damage to our attempts at evangelism, just as his reference of “Two” Corinthians 3:17 (here), while standing in front of St. John’s Church, was a warning to all who were listening. Of course the spin on this faux pas was, “that’s the way they say it in England”.

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