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What Is God’s Truth


Our verse for today comes from John 14:5, ” Thomas said to Him, ‘Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?’ “


It may sound strange, but I have been intently focused on the truth lately. That’s not to say that being honest and forthright has been an afterthought until now. Rather, as fundamental and foundational as truth and the telling of it is and has been, the current climate has developed its own take on what is true. One of the side effects of having so many forms of media is that the lines between fact and opinion have become extremely blurred. Too often, someone’s opinion gets circulated as truth, and once it takes on momentum, there seems to be no stopping it, regardless of the amount of contradictory evidence. The news media, formerly the deliverers of fact, once had the esteem of the public because they held themselves to a standard of truth and accuracy. But as markets go, and competition increases, the struggle for a place at the table has changed the dynamics of reporting. For many, telling the truth has become more the case of telling their version and portraying it as truth. But the media is not the only culprit. Just listen to the anecdotes that make their way to your ears. Chances are they will have the conviction of truth and the aura of authenticity. But much will be self- serving. Little of what you hear will stand up to the test of scripture and the standards of our Lord. When held up to the light of God’s transcendent truth, what looked plausible is exposed for the error that it is.


But then what? Upon discovering the falsehood, what do we do next? Well, when Jesus was flatly contradicted by Thomas, when he ignored the truth that Jesus had just spoken, Jesus did the only thing He could do. He stuck with the truth. He didn’t attack and He didn’t condemn. He simply spoke more truth and let it have its way. And eventually it did, for those who truly followed Christ. The disciples ultimately came to fully accept the truth of Jesus, every word of it. Even the one we call the Doubter accepted the truth. Judas, unfortunately, made the wrong choice, and that’s no lie.


As we seek Him today, examine what you hear in light of God’s revealed truth. And listen to what you say before you say it to be sure it passes the test.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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