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What is Your Gift?

Let God remind you that He has gifted you in a special way. Ask Him for opportunities to just be natural.


Our verse for today comes from 1 Thessalonians 4:9, ” Now about your love for one another we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other. “


” He’s a natural. ” Of all the compliments that you could give someone, perhaps none other carries with it the pure respect and admiration that these words do. Calling someone a natural is to say that their efforts seem, well, effortless. Their talent, though certainly honed over time, shows no signs of human endeavor or tinkering with their mechanics. There is no hint of formulaic training or rote reproduction. Quite simply, the ” Natural ” seems to have sat at the feet of God and received his skill and instruction directly from the Creator Himself. That’s why the description is such high praise. As wonderful as it is to be called a hard worker, or a gym rat, or a rehearsal freak, or any other compliment that speaks to extreme effort and desire to excel, there comes with those praises a sense of limitation that the person is always striving to overcome. Many times their potential is reached, but the natural one seems blessed with almost limitless potential, capped only by how high he sets his aim. The praise is so pure because it speaks solely of the magnificent gift that has been bestowed, apart from any strivings or workings or ego of man.


You are a natural. You have a gift that is outside the realm of any training or instruction you may have received. God has poured something directly into you to be expressed and exhibited solely because it came from Him. The Thessalonians were naturals at loving one another. Somehow, God had touched their hearts and made them inclined to love and care for each other. And maybe that is your gift as well. Or maybe it’s something completely different. I couldn’t begin to exhaust the list of what each of you could be a natural at.

Like Paul said, I do not need to write to you about your gift. I only know that in creating you, and then in re-creating you, God has given you exactly what He wants you to have. You are His natural at something. And that’s the best thing that you could be. It’s only natural that you use it for His glory.


As we seek Him today, let God remind you that He has gifted you in a special way. Ask Him for opportunities to just be natural.

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