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What is Your Heart’s Deepest Desire


Our verse for today comes from John 11:22, ” But even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give you. “


In a letter dated 1789, Benjamin Franklin commented on the establishment of our nation’s new Constitution and the promising hope of its lasting permanence. He did, however, check his enthusiasm with this famous line, ” But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. ” Calvin, the precocious six-year-old of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes , once made a list of the things he would never like, which included: the feeling of seaweed wrapping around his leg, anything that was popular in the 70s, licorice, yams or raisins, and writhing maggots. He concluded by saying it was comforting to know that there are certainties in life. Each of us could immediately add an item or two to Franklin’s list, whether real or exaggerated, based solely on our daily experiences or what seem like constant battles.

But in a positive twist amidst the death of her brother, and centuries before the fatalistic caveat of Benjamin Franklin, Martha told Jesus that she knew God would give Him whatever He asked for, even now. Even now? Yes, even while her brother lay buried in a tomb. Even while Martha and her sister cried and cried over his death. Even while the urge to blame Jesus for allowing Lazarus to die welled up within her. But how? And how even then? What did Martha know?


She knew that nothing was impossible for God. She knew that Jesus had a pure and holy relationship with her God. She knew that Jesus knew exactly what to ask for of God, and when. And she knew that Jesus loved her, even though He had not met her expectations or kept her from disappointment and sorrow. You and I, we say we know these sort of things about God and His Son. We say God is in control, and we profess that His will is perfect. But even now, we may not be living quite that way, might we? Even now, there is fear or frustration or limited faith. Even now, we’re not quite there. But God is, and He’s never left or changed. Even now, you can lay it all on Him, and He will give you what you desperately need.


As we seek Him today, put aside your pride and relinquish your disappointment, and ask God for your heart’s deepest desire.

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