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What Kind of Person Are You


Our verse for today comes from 2 Kings 1:7, ” Then he said to them, ‘What kind of man was it who came up to meet you and told you these words?’ “


” What kind of person would do such a thing? ” We usually ask that question upon hearing about some sort of atrocity committed against some innocent, unsuspecting victims, don’t we?

When bombs are sent through the mail, or classrooms are attacked by well-equipped gunmen, or airplanes are flown into buildings, our minds struggle to grasp the level of hatred or anger that would drive a person to take life in such a way. Ironically, when something is done of a radically good and unconventional nature, we tend to wonder what type of person would do that sort of thing, too. When a single woman adopts a dozen kids from around the world and spends all she has just to raise them, or when a successful businessman gives it all away and goes to live among and help a third world people, we are amazed that someone has the courage and initiative to follow that tug on their hearts to such extremes.


So, what kind of people are these? Are they much different than you and me? I would say yes and no. We differ very little from them in our desires to do something good and bigger than ourselves. We genuinely want to help those who are hurting. But we also resemble them in the depths of our depravity and where that can take us. Deep down, we all know what we’re really capable of. But where the similarities pale are in how we respond to what pulls on our hearts. Too often, there is no one who could ask about us, ” What kind of person did that? ” For we have the thought, we see the need , we hear the call, but we don’t take that step. We are left to hear the question in our own minds, ” What kind of person am I who didn’t go, who didn’t tell, who wouldn’t do? ” That question is being asked, sadly, more often than the first. There’s a kind of person who does the extreme, and it’s usually one who isn’t too concerned with themselves. I’d say it’s one who is up to their ears in trust. I’d say it’s a person who’s more in love with Jesus than anything else.


As we seek Him today, do what is there for you to let someone know the type of person you are, the type who loves and serves the Lord Jesus.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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