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Our verse for today comes from Luke 19:17, ” ‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’ “


Very few of us may be highly-trained specialists or expert technicians, especially gifted and talented to perform the most difficult of jobs, or most intricate of procedures. But each of us has extensive experience in the small matters of daily life. Regardless of how specialized your field of work may be, the majority of our days is made up of the small matters of life. Things we may consider tedious or insignificant can so often be the difference between a pleasant, enjoyable day and one that is stressful or lacking in peace. Now, those who have faced their own mortality, or had their attention taken off the temporary trappings of this world, seem to have a better appreciation of the small matters of life. But why do we have to wait until things are taken away, or until it’s almost too late, before we open our eyes to what is all around us? This is the time we are given to show ourselves trustworthy in the small matters. So, how are you doing with yours?


With that person you promised to love and cherish, in sickness and in health, how are you doing in the very small matters? Are your words soft and pleasant to their ears? Do you open the door for her, or cook something special for him? Does she get time away from it all, and does he get to see his buddies on occasion? Are flowers ever part of your entrance into the home? Does she get to buy something for herself just because?

And what about the children? Do you hold them while you can? Do you read to them when there’s other things to be done? Do you compliment their efforts, praise their friends, apologize for your mistakes? Do you encourage them to borrow your car, or invite them along on an errand? Do you get to work on time? Do you tip well, or clean up someone else’s mess? Do you let others go first or leave the good parking spot for somebody in a hurry? Life is mostly small matters. But small apparently matters to Him. Be trustworthy, beginning today.

Be the gospel. Your ten cities await you.


As we seek Him today, ask God for trustworthiness in the matters that make a difference. Today, do what matters to Him and for Him.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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