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What Standard Do You Live By


Our verse for today comes from John 13:15, ” For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you. “


We parents can be a pain in the rump to our kids sometimes. Faced with a challenge or a struggle, how many of our young ones have come to us for the answer, only to be told to figure it out themselves? Or how many bring something to us to take care of, but we refuse to step in and do it for them? But we do not refuse them out of coldness or a lack of concern. On the contrary, our motivation actually stems from our intense love for them. Rather than handicapping them with an unhealthy sense of helplessness or impotence, we instead are trusting our years of instruction and example to manifest itself in the application of what they have already learned. We know that what we have shown them and taught them over time is within them to bring about the results that we both desire.

In a much more complete and powerful way, Jesus instructed and exemplified the life that His followers are called to live. Unfortunately, we can be quite selective as to the areas that we desire to emulate. As the rains and wind beat down on my garden, I’d love to calm the storm.

As friends and loved ones suffer from awful diseases, my heart longs to bring them healing and relief. Even faced with feeding eight people every day leads me to wish I could multiply some bread and fish.


But who among us longs to stand up to the hypocrites as Jesus did? Who wants to wonder where they will sleep from one night to the next? Who would have every right on their side and relinquish it all for the sake of everyone else? Who desires to humble themselves to the point of dirty feet so that others might then do as you have done? It’s a heart issue, plain and simple. The ones fixed on Jesus can’t help but reflect Him. The ones fixed elsewhere, unfortunately, reflect that just the same. The King who came to serve has given us the example, and He has empowered us to follow it. How will that make a difference in your life today?


As we seek Him today, let the actions and attitudes of Jesus be your standard to live by.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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