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What Team Are You Pulling For

Let your walk be the first step in drawing someone towards God, rather than the last step in them forming some opinion of you.


Our verse for today comes from John 1:36, ” And looking at Jesus as He walked, he said, ‘Behold the Lamb of God.’ “


Last night our church softball team had a game. And after six innings of what would qualify as less than stellar play, we left the field on the short end of an 11-0 score. Now in general, it’s fairly difficult to play an entire game of slow pitch softball and not score a run. By rule, each team has 10 players on the field defensively rather than the normal count of nine that play in baseball or fast pitch softball, and that is directly intended to help offset the advantage that the batter has of hitting a large ball tossed softly underhand towards him by the pitcher. Any team should be able to string together a few hits in at least one inning so as to scratch a run across home plate. Evidently, last night was not the night for us. So for anyone who might have been there and watched us walk off the field after posting a goose egg on the scoreboard, any number of thoughts might have come to mind. To look at a few of us, they might have thought that Father Time had won that night as much as had the opposing team. To see others walk off, they might have felt the frustration expressed on the players’ faces for mistakes made or opportunities missed. A few walking off could have simply evoked the idea that softball’s just a game, and the past hour had been a nice time of fellowship and friendly competition.


But more importantly, all of yesterday, before, during, and after the game, we walked, and people looked. And all of today, through whatever life brings your way, you will walk and people will look. Likewise, people will walk, and you will look. I heard a guy yesterday say something that I have wished for so long for so many people to say, and that is that he did not want to be identified primarily by what team he pulled for. When you walk, what are people seeing? Is it your ego, or your pride in something irrelevant? And if asked, what would they say? And when others walk by you, what do you see? Someone made by God, or something a little less?


As we seek Him today, let your walk be the first step in drawing someone towards God, rather than the last step in them forming some opinion of you.

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