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Where are You Found in God’s Word


Our verse for today comes from John 7:40, ” Therefore many from the crowd, when they heard this saying, said, ‘Truly this is the Prophet.’ “


In cleaning out our garage recently, my wife and I came across items that brought back waves of wonderful memories. When someone asks you how long you have been married, and the answer is twenty-two years, it may or may not sound like a very long time. But when you open up boxes and see things that have special meaning and significance from more than two decades ago, you get a much stronger sense of how much time has gone by and how much life you have already lived together. And then, when you still have keepsakes from your college and childhood days, the passage of time and the value of a moment touches you in an even deeper way. For me, two items from the distant past bring back vivid images. From college, I still have student newspaper clippings covering the successes of our intramural football team.

We won several championships, and seeing your name in the paper, especially from when you were much more physically capable, gives you a jolt of adrenaline like back in your playing days. And then, I have a picture from the newspaper of me when I was about six years old, standing in a line with my bicycle, waiting to receive one of the free speedometers that were being given out. Unfortunately, my bike was a kiddie-sized bike, and the speedometers did not fit what I had. But my dad still talks about that picture from forty-five years ago as if it happened yesterday.


Seeing your name in print, or reading about yourself, can leave a lasting impression. And so, how much more impactful could it be to read about ourselves in scripture, especially as foretold thousands of years ago? When Jesus noted the passages from Isaiah that referred to water, He was highlighting truths that included you and me. The crowd around Him that day knew they were hearing truth about themselves, and many proclaimed that Messiah had come. And when you read of God’s knowledge and provision and promises for you, it should have a powerful effect as well. Those words are intended for you.


As we seek Him today, ask God to reveal to you the glorious message in His word that contains you and your relationship with Him.

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