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Which Thief Are You

Ask God to remind you of all He's done for you, and all He's given you and taken for you. Live today in humble gratitude for His mercy and grace.


Our verse for today is from Luke 23:42, ” Then he said to Jesus, ‘Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.’ “


WTRU? These aren’t the call letters for one of our local Christian radio stations. These letters stand for ” Which Thief aRe yoU? ” I heard someone recently on the radio mention this acronym, and it got me thinking about the two criminals hanging on crosses near Jesus. We know very little about their lives and background. From the type of death penalty they were suffering, it has been said that they could be compared to a modern day terrorist, one who was intent on overthrowing the government through insurrection. Regardless of what brought them to this point, here they are hanging beside Jesus, their life ebbing away as they watch Him join them in the torture. But as they witness the mocking and abuse, as they observe how He didn’t cry out for mercy or insist on His innocence but prayed for their forgiveness, they respond to it very differently. And I’m reminded that we are one of those men hanging on a cross. We have lived a life that is worthy of God’s judgment. We have nothing that we can offer Him to appease His wrath. We cannot undo the wrongs we have done or fix our broken, sinful hearts. So when we see ourselves beside Him, when we compare the lives we are living to the one He calls us to live, to the one He lived out as our example, what response do we have? Do we feel we are being treated unfairly and deserve to be saved? Do we keep telling Jesus to prove He is the Christ by fixing our messes? Or do we realize that nothing is owed to us, that all that we have and receive comes by His mercy and grace? Do we solely depend on Him for salvation and deliverance?


I said that we are one of the men hanging on a cross. But we are not one of the criminals. For just before the first spike is to be nailed in our hands, Jesus comes along and takes our place. That is our old self hanging where He hung. So, which thief are you? You are the one who didn’t have to hang for his sins. So go and respond to Him in awesome joy and gratitude.


As we seek Him today, ask God to remind you of all He’s done for you, and all He’s given you and taken for you. Live today in humble gratitude for His mercy and grace.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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