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Who is the Main Character in Your Life

Let something much more powerful than rules or permissions guide your actions and your intentions.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 10:2, ” The Pharisees came and asked Him, ‘Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?’ testing Him. “


If you were to search the internet, you could immediately find lists of ridiculous laws that are supposedly in effect across the country. Bingo games may not last longer than five hours in North Carolina, whale fishing is illegal in Nebraska, butter substitutes may not be served in prison in Wisconsin, movies cannot be shown before 2pm in New Hampshire, Christmas decorations must be taken down by January 14th in Maine, and hunting camels is illegal in Arizona. Presumably, these odd restrictions are fabrications propagated as a joke, or are at least gross exaggerations of actual laws that are now obsolete. Certainly when taken out of context of time or situation, these prohibitions sound ridiculous. But we have laws in effect now that are just as ridiculous, the primary difference being that our laws allow for things more detrimental than what was being restricted ages ago. That was the point that Jesus was raising with the Pharisees some 2,000 years ago. Laws can be put into effect that appear to make life more manageable, if not outright agreeable. But what becomes lawful is not always what is best, or right.


My children have asked me on occasion about my stance on certain issues, or what I think about someone else’s position. And my intent has always been to steer them back to what God might think about the situation, to have them consider things from God’s perspective above how it might temporarily improve a person’s condition or even benefit them long-term. It’s challenging to not use what’s allowed to justify the selfish intent of our hearts. If I can do something, or not so something, and I suffer less or benefit more because of it, all without crossing the law or harming another, then how could it be wrong? Your answer to that question may say more about your faith in Christ than all the prayers you’ve uttered on all the Sundays you’ve been in church. There’s a play that we all are living out, and there’s room for only one main character. Who is yours?


As we seek Him today, let something much more powerful than rules or permissions guide your actions and your intentions.

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