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Providing honest reporting and analysis on the intersection of contemporary issues and theology, based on a Biblical Christian Worldview.

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Why Biblical Christian Worldview Exists as a Ministry

Providing honest reporting and analysis on the intersection of contemporary issues and theology, based on a Biblical Christian Worldview.


Biblical Christian Worldview (BCW) initially began in January of 2021 as a desire to offer a resting place for 20+ years of thoughts and writings used in Bible studies, Sunday School classes, and Home Church groups. The BCW moniker was coined to reinforce our belief that true Christianity has, as its foundation, an inerrant (in its original autographs) Biblical basis.

The initial goal was to provide a public, yet discreet (due to its lack of exposure), source of material that could be accessed after Christians were, or were about to be, raptured from the earth, at a time when Bibles were being confiscated and a one-world government was being established.

God changed our direction in September of the same year when we began cross-posting on the Medium.com platform. BCW started engaging in “conversations” with folks at various stages of anger, frustration, twisted theology, those seeking God, and others being sanctified through Biblical Christianity. Medium offered a new and exciting outlet for our work while significantly expanding our reach and exposure. 

What started as a repository for historical Christian writings quickly became a place where our Mission Statement crystalized: 

“Providing honest reporting and analysis on the intersection of contemporary issues and theology, based on a Biblical Christian Worldview.”  

The increasingly biased and partisan broadcast news media seemed to demonstrate a need for a Biblical Christian perspective on contemporary issues. Beyond regular blog posts, we added a consolidator publication, “Post-Christian News” to offer documentation from both sides of the political spectrum on the negative direction our country seemed to headed. After a year, it was discontinued as other aspects of our work took precedence over limited resources. However, the heart of viewing our eroding moral culture through the lens of a Biblical Christian worldview has remained unchanged. 

Biblical Christian Worldview Today 

Biblical Christian Worldview publications in all its forms have three broad objectives.

  • First, to evangelize the seeker;
  • Second, to challenge those being sanctified to consider their dogma in a new light; and,
  • Third, to demonstrate Christians can interact with the lost in a way that does not confirm unbelievers’ preconceived bias that we are homogeneously condemning, legalistic people. 

Often these three goals cannot be accomplished simultaneously and sadly, they can be in tension and conflict. Frankly, the third objective can only be effective on Medium.com (details here) through their “comments” option since it requires a back-and-forth conversation. We have found countless times that a respectful, humble, yet consistent approach to those with a confrontational attitude toward believers has shown amazing results. 

BCW by the Numbers

Currently, we have over 1600 articles on Medium.com and the same number on our website, BCWorldview.org (details here). We send out a daily Newsletter that touches almost 7,000 readers weekly and have 3,000 organic page views per month from the website itself. In late 2021, we moved into podcasts and currently have 280 episodes across several subscription services, the most active being Apple Podcasts. Audio downloads (currently 5500) continue to grow. 

Beginning in 2024, we have been building content on Facebook, and last month moved into video, with YouTube (already over 900 subscribers and 170 hours of watch time). Finally, we have a drive to increase the number of authors publishing on our sites (currently 20) to increase the breadth of content, all under BCW’s Core Statement of Faith (details here).

What Biblical Christian Worldview Is Not 

BCW is not a place for discussions on theological minutia, as valuable as that may be to some. We are not a source for Seminary professors and Theologians to hone their skills, delving into the original languages to draw out and discuss the finer points of the Christian faith. We do however, provide source material for Pastor illustrations and unique perspectives from a nondenominational viewpoint. 

Biblical Christian Worldview Going Forward 

It is all about God’s glory and His will and direction. He has taken us to this point and blessed the ministry with a witness to many who might not otherwise hear or understand the depth of the love of Christ and the message He has for the nations. The ministry is currently three years old and we intend it continuing to offer a “Biblical Christian Worldview” in the face of a deteriorating cultural environment. A well-funded and volunteer-based ministry from the top down (501c3 non-profit), we intend to expand our reach as the Lord leads. 

Colossians 3:23 – Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

Thank you for your prayers and please pass on our publication links to your friends, as the Lord leads.

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