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Why Does God Allow Evil?

The answer can only be found through faith.

Have you ever asked yourself why God allows evil to happen? 

Does God not care?  Is He not powerful enough to stop evil?  These are questions that we might have because we just cannot reconcile how an all-powerful, loving God could allow the devil to run rampant on the earth.

When our 3-year-old daughter demanded why we would not buy her better-looking eyeglasses, she would not accept that prettier glasses were not available.  She could not understand why we did not just go out and get some.  The resulting resentment lasted into her adult years.

Young children don’t have the capacity to understand why adults have to do many things they regard as unfair.

This is a crude parable of our relationship with God.  In God’s world, we are less than little children and our mind is “too little” to understand that our heavenly Father knows better.  We need to learn to have faith, to trust God to the point that we know that all things are for the good of those who believe. (Rom 8:28-30)  Folks who don’t believe in Jesus do not have such a specific promise, but we should leave their fate in God’s hands as well, trusting that He is a just and loving God.

Thankfully, my wife and I were already trusting God to that point when there was a devastating attack on our family.  Otherwise, we might not have survived the attack from the evil one.  However, that incident softened me considerably and it strengthened our faith, knowing that God has a loving purpose in everything that is happening in our lives, and yes, that includes the hard and painful times. 

Trust in our loving almighty God.  Our very lives depend on it.

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