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Wonder About God

As we seek Him today, go in search of answers and truth that can lead others to seek and find answers and truth.


Our verse for today comes from John 3:9, ” Nicodemus answered and said to Him, ‘How can these things be?’ “


When I began a search for ” How to ” on Bing (Google returned only a few options, and they were generally related to each other), the auto-complete function gave me these options: (how to) lose belly fat, lose weight fast, lower blood pressure, get rid of carpenter bees, get rid of ants, get a passport, write a cover letter, and get away with murder (which for some reason was the only one on the list that also appeared on Google). I’m guessing that the automatic list that popped up is affected greatly by how often these topics have been searched on previously. If that’s that case, then it’s good to see that among the list were searches for such productive endeavors, though the final option is troubling. With the immediate availability to search for anything under the sun, and man’s tendency to want something for nothing, one might have expected Bing to offer up more trivial and less upright ends like how to splice into your neighbor’s cable for free, or how to cancel a credit card without paying off the balance, or how to eat out and not have to pay for your meal. But regardless of whether your intent is on the up and up or not, you will go in search of something today. You might encounter something that will genuinely and profoundly pique your interest and your desire to learn, and for which you will spend significant time unearthing the details. Or, you may have to figure out a way around something out of sheer necessity and need the ideas and ingenuity of others.


But you may, hopefully, encounter something that makes you wonder about God. You may face a dilemma or encounter a situation where you need and want to know what God thinks about what you’re facing. And if you do, if you need answers for things that will last longer than cablevision, credit cards, or even a healthy body, then my hope is that you will turn to the words of God. For in them you will find Jesus, and in Jesus, there is life, hope, peace and joy. And then, if someone, hopefully, looks at you and wonders ” How can this be? ” you can take them to meet the One who has made the difference in you.


As we seek Him today, go in search of answers and truth that can lead others to seek and find answers and truth.

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