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Works Based Salvation is not Saving

Mankind cannot earn our way into Heaven by just "loving our neighbor."

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – In our publications, we use the term “Biblical Christian” as a replacement for what was once termed “Christian”. That is because so many Christians have lost their way theologically. Many who associated themselves within the boundaries of Christianity did so, not because of a love for God, but because it was where the “good” people hung out. Many are now disassociating themselves from true Biblical Christians as we have come under more social scrutiny for our unchanging beliefs. 

There is a set of core theological beliefs (here) that are both clear from Scripture, and necessary for salvation. They hinge around Rom 10:9 and Eph 2:8–9. As harsh as it may sound, Christians, or those who used to consider themselves Christians, who believe they are earning their way to Heaven by being good people, are sadly heading in the opposite direction… they are not Christians rooted in God’s word. Instead, they have been inoculated with dead Christianity. 

AuthorJeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org 

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