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Young Adults vs. Senior Citizens, a Poll on the Subject of Antisemitism

In December of 2023, Harvard-Harris released a poll representing just over 2k registered voters, seeking their opinion on a broad range of issues (see poll here). The following were questions pertinent to the disparity between age groups in America regarding the subject of Antisemitism on college campuses and the war in Gaza. 

Groupings were stratified by the following age groups: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+ and results were presented in this order following each question.  

  • In the Gaza conflict, do you support Israel more than Hamas? – 50%, 69, 76, 85, 90, 96.
  • Do you think antisemitism is growing in the United States? – 66%, 64, 69, 77, 79, 88.
  • Do you think antisemitism is prevalent on university campuses today? – 63%, 61, 67, 59, 71, 81.
  • Should students on campus be allowed to call for the genocide of Jews without repercussions? – 53%, 37, 37, 23, 18, 8.
  • Did the university presidents go far enough in the recent congressional hearing to condemn antisemitism? – 67%, 35, 50, 38, 27, 19.
  • Has identity politics based on race come to dominate at elite universities? – 69%, 60, 64, 57, 64, 69.
  • Do you support the ideology that white people are oppressors and nonwhite people have been oppressed? – 79%, 49, 39, 33, 26, 19.
  • Are Jews, as a class, oppressors? – 67%, 44, 36, 24, 15, 9.
  • Is Israel committing genocide against those in Gaza? – 60%, 56, 45, 38, 25, 17.
  • Hamas can be negotiated with, to create peace. – 76%, 52, 37, 19, 13.

As one looks across age bands, it quickly becomes apparent that there are broad differences of opinion on several different topics. 

There is a huge disparity in America on the support of Hamas vs. Israel. Those between the ages of 18 to 24 are split equally, yet the percentage in support for Israel increases to 96% by age 65+. Antisemitism is clearly in play with younger generations, suggesting that over half of those 18-24 believe genocide of Jews is not hate speech (53%), while that percentage deteriorates dramatically (8%) as one approaches 65. 

Interestingly, there is agreement that race-based identity politics has infected our top universities (69% of both ends of the age groupings were in agreement). However, the groups differed dramatically when offering their opinion on the underlying reason for this reality. White people are oppressors (79% vs. 19%), Jews are oppressors (67% vs. 9%), and Israel is committing genocide against those in Gaza (60% vs. 17%). 

Many believe that opinions on hot-button issues change as one moves through the experience of life. However, the disparity by age group, as presented in the Harvard-Harris poll, is so dramatic as to more likely be a reflection of the changing mood of the nation. This increasing discontent with God’s chosen people, the Jews, holds potential consequences for America because we have historically been Israel’s strongest ally. Below are other, more expanded posts on Israel’s place in the world and end-times prophesy.

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